PORN...the Friday Special

Not really porn...or what is it, asks the Globe. Smut? Literature? A bit of both?

I was definitely intrigued by THIS post on Q&Q as to Harper's strange promotional tactic concerning the ARC for Wetlands.

Then came THIS article in last Saturday's Globe where the book got a full-page treatment.

Wetlands, by Charlotte Roche, a British-born writer stationed in Germany, is the story of 18 year old Helen Mamal and is supposedly part rumination on sexuality and the female body, part torture porn due to Mamal's desire for unusual sexual pleasures.

I haven't read it but by God, I soon will.

It's not supposed to be very good but I'm not sure that's the point. It's supposed to be different and in this same-same lull of precocious childhood antics and chick-lit comfort food I seem to have slipped into, I'm ready for weird fetish shit - stat.

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