Netflix for Books

Renting - a 25 year-old's dream. Rent an apartment the size of a box for half your income. Rent a Fendi purse, or a locker at the gym. Now, thanks to BookSwim, you can rent literature.

Or can you?

An off-the-cuff search for Crime and Punishment yielded none other than Stupid and Contagious by Caprice Crane (more porno name than pen name, methinks). Description: "Twenty-six year old Heaven Albright [ed. ugh ugh] is a failed PR executive turned embittered waitress."

Maybe that's just being an ass about things. Who would want to rent Crime and Punishment, anyway? You'd get late fees like nobody's business. Much better to rent The Last Lecture, or something else short.

The cheapest plan is about $20/month to have three books out at a time but your renting privileges are unlimited. $40/month for 11 books.

Interesting idea. But, why not just go to the library? That's what gets me. Library=free. Equals no monthly fees (except for that pesky $20 I have to shell out in late fees every couple of months). I suppose if you don't have a library BookSwim might be an OK idea but I'm sure they'd probably nail you for the postage. Life, it's just a no-win situation.

**Obligatory note: library? BookSwim?? library??!!! BUY books, goddammit. I gots to get paid, you know!**


Anonymous said...

Bookswim shipping is always free both ways. says so on their homepage.

some libraries have home delivery, but they'll charge you for shipping

Anonymous said...

Stupid and Contagious is the funniest book I ever read. Hands down.


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