Lit City Kick Off

Lit City starts on Friday with the 175th anniversary of Toronto (only 175..pathetic!). Apparently City Hall will open its doors and there'll be events of some sort. As the website says, and I quote:

"This anniversary will be a time for personal reflection and to celebrate Toronto's many accomplishments."


you can find out what else is on HERE.

There'll be more readings than you can shake a stick at and also a partnership with Doors Open.
Fabled City on April 4th sounds fun. It's at the Spadina Museum:

"From her 1882 wedding to 1925 as a central figurein Toronto's cultural life, Mary Austin's world went through a huge transformation. Join storyteller Mariella Bertelli as Austin - reflecting on her changing world as she chooses entertainment for her next event. Music and period refreshments to follow."

It sounds incredibly uptight and therefore awesome but children are allowed to attend which is a bummer.

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