Is Science Fiction for Chicks?

Is it? I don't know.

Yesterday I stopped in at BMV at Yonge/Eg and realized their second floor has a very healthy sci fi section, which is going to become dangerous for lunch time browsing.

Yet, confronted by a wall of books with dragons on the cover and a healthy use of foil, all fatter than the phone book and invariably part of a series of nine, I was more than a little overwhelmed.

I've toed the line on the sci fi/fantasy front, reading the Clan of the Cave Bear series, the Jamie/Claire series by Diana Gabaldon, Mists of Avalon. But no real sci fi, unless you count Margaret Atwood's Oryx & Crake or The Road. These may fit under the category of 'speculative fiction', the whole what-if brand of fiction, which is all well explained in this article, for those of you, including myself, who don't know their science fiction from fantasy from speculative whatever.

But seriously - Tad Hamilton, Robert Jordan. Are they even worth reading? Are they just good escapist fiction or do they have something to say? I'll read one sometime soon but I feel like they'll require a serious time commitment, something which I begrudge making.

Though the covers are beyond sexy. More on my sci fi cover fetish later.

In the meantime, this list of top sci fi by women writers looks promising. I'll start from there. Check out these rad covers!!

Grass is tarted up a bit too much for my taste. I'm not saying that sci fi should look as schlocky as its reputation suggests, it's just that the silly covers with crazy fonts and aliens are so much more fun that those that literature gets to have, what with its sepia and pictures of people with their heads cropped out. Yes, I know why they do it, but why would anyone want to look at a headless body? You do? Well sir, that's just strange.

The cover of The Left Hand of Darkness is amazing, mostly due to this spectacular font. I want to get custom note cards, business cards and wedding invitations printed in this font. It's the most gleefully nerdy yet girly font I've seen yet. One day, when Cyndi Lauper makes a comeback, this font will rule the world.

We'll see if I answered my own question once I take a crack at these beasts. More to come.

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