I'm Reading House of Leaves..Don't Break my Goddamn Heart

The Guardian reported last week that the British Library is hosting a speed book club. Yes, a dating service for book nerds. You bring your favorite book, find someone who isn't fugly, swap books with them, and maybe argue about your favorite Dickens book.

There are also some random insights from 'polls' (completely sketchy) about how men and women view the reading habits of each other. My favorite insight would have to be:

"According to a survey by ReadItSwapIt, a third of women would be "actually physically repulsed" by a man seen reading."

That is amazing and made my morning.

I would be physically repulsed probably only if I saw an adult reading a book intended for children. For example, a grown woman reading a trashy YA novel. Ick. Also, anything super Christian like The Jesus Chronicles would scare me. If you think that's mean then you need to look at THIS.

Other than that, whatever floats your boat.

Also, this article got me thinking about what I'd like to be seen reading when meeting a blind date. I think I'd go for either:

> House of Leaves: because nothing says "don't fuck with me" like a scary-ass book with writing going upside down and inside out and a cover that looks like it's your cult's collection of mantras.
>The latest Nora Roberts: because it will weed out the judgmental assholes
>Dianetics. Always a conversation starter!

The TPL needs to get on this stat. The ROM is doing a dating thing and books are definitely sexier than dinosaurs, last time I checked.

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