Hobnobbing, Hobnobbing! at Harbourfront

Hobnobbing: when I go out and be cultured in a book-related way.

The Authors at Harbourfront Centre series is back up in full swing so I decided last night to check out the very promising line up of Elizabeth Kelly, Lee Gowan and Lisa Gabriele reading from their latest books, respectively: Apologize, Apologize!, Confession, and The Almost Archer Sisters.

Elizabeth Kelly was very funny, saying, as an introduction, something along the lines of "I hate my publisher for making me do this!" This elicited a very distinctive twitter from the black-clad, pashima shawl-wearing threesome in the table in front of me. Random House editors and publicists, without a doubt, all of them.

Turns out, last night was her first reading, ever. And she was fantastic - funny, frank, not pompous in the least. I wanted more.

I'm partial to the title Apologize, Apologize! It's silly and not boring and has an exclamation point. I think it's the exclamation point. I must be partial to punctuation in titles.


i.e. i.e. MARKERS: How the artistic over-expression of youth in our society will likely lead to the detriment of culture as we know it.

Lisa Gabriele was a passionate reader and funny, with liberal use of the word fuck, in all its uses. I know swearing isn't very imaginative or subversive but I like swearing, it's that eternal 13 year old boy in me. Apparently she's written for Vice and Vice is getting better again, in my books. That article on the body farm was fascinating, especially one worker's tale of donating her adopted brother's body to the cause.

Kim Echlin, Jessica Grant and Colin McAdam are up next week.

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