FLEPia - the e-Reader, now in Technicolour

Beaut! A new e-reader, called the FLEPia, has been just released courtesy of Fujitsu. I think this is a YES on many levels - 4GB storage with a memory card, 8" display screen, up to 40 hours of continuous battery operationm, comes equipped with Bluetooth and wireless LAN.

The big NO - it's $1000. And you can only pre-order it from Japan right now and there are no plans to sell it in North America.

On second thought, I'm fine with good ol' B&W now. One day we'll all be buying colour e-readers like iPods for iPod prices while flying through the air in our personal space ships. And they'll be making chocolate that makes you lose weight when you eat it.

Via Treehugger

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