Being Erica & The Pitfalls of Publishing

Earlier this year you couldn't escape Being Erica, CBC's new show geared for a female audience. In Toronto, it was plastered on every subway surface imaginable.

Hopes were high (or low, depending on your general view of original Canadian programming). Now that I've discovered that you can watch the episodes online for free, I've gotten into the game, albeit a bit late.

It's cheesy, sure, but fun to see Toronto as itself, not disguised as NYC or Chicago or what have you and Erin Karpluk (playing Erica) is engaging as a 32-year old in need of a complete life makeover. The premise of the show is that she gets to travel back in time to fix her mistakes.

I've only just finished episode 4, where Erica gets a job at 'River Rock Publishing'. Her boss is a complete head-case, obsessed with finding a follow-up to her last successful project: The Secret of Now. I'm not completely adverse to some big box self-help, one day I'll get around to reading A New Earth, I just can't imagine a non-fiction department entirely devoted to self-help (in Canada, at least). Isn't the point of getting into publishing that you trade in the big bucks for something that isn't soul sucking?

Since I can't find a publishing-related clip, you'll have to be satisfied with Erica passing off Hit Me Baby One More Time as poetry. I'm not convinced but her professor, seriously in need of his bipolar meds, seems to think quite the opposite.

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