Your Nerdiest Dreams Come True

Daemon is the type of novel I've always been waiting for without even knowing it.

I've had vague sci-fi longings. Those Jean M. Auel books. Is that sci-fi? Star Trek was my favorite show in grade school. The Matrix gives me the tingles and also that jealous feeling like I wish no one else had ever watched it but me.

(and right now I'm listening to a mash up of some Justice song and the Star Wars theme song so I'm more than qualifying..)

Now the back copy of Daemon claims that it's the book version of The Matrix. Not so. Nope, Daemon isn't really a deep book. But it IS filled with so much cool shit. Like:

> acoustical weapons
> a Darknet that allows the user to manipulate reality like one would in a video game
> a super evil video game villain named Oberstleutnant Boerner
> stupid FBI proposing solutions like "Just shut down the Internet!"
> a haptic device that uses the skin as an all-seeing eye (I couldn't explain this if I tried)

Guarenteed you will be left with the feeling that technology is developing at a rate way beyond your comprehension and if you don't get on board, soon you too will be an OLD.

Not that this book is realistic nor does it really linger around socio-economic issues, as claimed in the introduction. The whole thing is just orgasm upon orgasm of tech marvels, geek chic and plot twists written in a cool, clean style.

So I'm pretty jealous that he can be such a software star and also have such a keen eye for writing commercial fiction. Plus ladies, he ain't bad looking either.


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